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Our Employees

Our people are our greatest asset, and we’re passionate about supporting their development and empowering their success.


We believe that our employees are a key differentiator and the driver of how we create value for our customers, protect the environment, invest in our communities and deliver superior returns for our shareholders.

We take pride in providing our employees with a rewarding workplace and encourage them to work together, improve every day and deliver great results. We believe in fostering a culture that:

  • Values safety and believes that all injuries are preventable.
  • Builds an inclusive business workplace by valuing and leveraging the diverse talents, perspectives and ideas of all employees.
  • Promotes continual learning, professional development and improvement.
  • Recognizes that health and well-being are critical for success in life, as well as in business.
Zero Today - Employee Safety

Employee Safety

Safety always comes first, and we work every day to ensure our employees stay safe – both in the office and in the field.


Employee Learning

Learning and Development

We actively encourage continuous learning, development and improvement for our employees.


Employee Health

Health & Well-Being

Our people are at their best when they’re happy and healthy. That’s why we’ve made their health and well-being a priority in our company culture.


Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

We have a deliberate and continuous focus on engagement, and we want our employees to know their contributions are valued.


Celebrating Diwali

Diversity and Inclusion

We’re making our team stronger by encouraging and implementing a rich diversity of perspectives, experiences and ideas.


*All metrics in this section are as of year-end 2018 unless otherwise noted.